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Bookstore experience

I took my wife to a bookstore for what I thought would be an experience for her, but turned out to be the experience of my life. We went in and grabbed a few bucks worth of tokens for the movies in the booths, like I had done by myself many times. After shutting the door and picking our movie we started playing with each other. After 5 minutes I heard someone come into the booth next to ours and sit down, along with some shuffling around to get comfortable.I didn't care if some guy wanted to watch my wife give me a blow job or watch me lick or finger her.
I saw some movement and leaned forward to get a look into the other booth and when I did I saw a limp cock just inches from the edge of the hole.The thing was that his cock was over 9 inches long and I could tell it was still only partially hard.The wife wanted to suck me so I let her have at it and sat back to enjoy her blow, when I noticed the cock from next door sliding into our side and hanging in the air only a foot from her.She noticed it too and turned to watch it while sucking mine for awhile, but she soon reached out and felt it with her hand and was jerking it while sucking me.She stood up and said she needed her pussy licked for awhile to give her mouth a rest and watch our neighbor. As I switched spots with her I noticed the cock had grown to about 11 or more inches and was now rock hard.I got down to lick her pussy and she spread her legs out for me to give me full access while she kept stroking the dick next door.
She pulled my head into her pussy as she came a little and then grabbed my hair and pushed toward the cock that was hanging through the hole." suck it and show me while you do if you want any more pussy tonight" was all she said to me. I thought she was joking , but she pushed my head over to the cock and I opened my mouth for a taste.It was so damn big around that I was having a hard time , but she held me there and made me swallow as much of him as I could. Then she came down by me and started sucking with me and taking turns, with me watching her and her watching me.
I felt the head swell a couple times and I backed off to let her have it again and again, and she did the same for me, until finally she pulled off and I saw one spurt shoot into her mouth. After that first one she pulled my head back down over his cock and held it while it shot 6 or 7 into my mouth, then pulled me up off it again so she could finish whatever was left. I saw her swallow at least once so this guy was stilll pumping out the juice for her too. She told me later she had 3 strong ones and some dribbles after those, what a shooter. He pulled his cock back into his side and she watched him zip up and take off out the door in a couple seconds.It took us a little bit to get straightened up , but we left after that experience hoping for another but never have sen another as big as the first one we shared

First Bi Sexual Experience With My Roommate And His Girlfriend

I had a roommate when I was 19, who had alot of girlfriends. Mostly one niters after drinking in the bar.
He was in his early thirties, tall and moderately hairy with a naturaly muscular build. He was a mechanic and got alot of pussy from his shop too. Alot of the time he would get home late and take a woman into the front room and start stripping her down on my couch. I would pretend to be asleep and sneak out back and watch throught he side window. He would usually take off the chick s bra and suck her tits while working his hand under her pants and panties to get his fingers in her cunt. Once she began moaning, he would pull em off and bury his face in the juiced up pussy and lick her deep.
After getting her good and wet, it was his turn. He strip out of his clothes and lay back on the couch where hed get a blow job from this horned up chick while she would rub her own cunt to keep up the momentum. He liked to have women lay back on the floor spread eagle and masterbate themselves infront of him. Ofcourse, Im out side the window jackin off to this too. One nite he supprised me. He was going through the same routine with his steady girlfriend, she was laying on her back whith leags spread wide and plunging a dildo in her cunt while he sucked her tits and masterbated himself. He gets up and straddles her to work the dildo in and out...and as he does it, he lowers his furry ass onto her face. I shot immediatly and conitued to watch. I was holding his ass cheeks with each hand and spreading that hole wide for his nakid girlfriend to tounge. And she did! They continued to masterbate till the each came.
Untill this time I had only actually had sex with 3 girls and never a guy, but now found myself totaly attracted to them both. I waited about a week or so and invited them out to go have a few drinks and we ended up having quite a few. I had mentioned that it had been a long time since the last time I had sex and it was making me feel horned and pervy everyday, so we needed to find me some one to fuck that nite. His girlfriend said right infront of him...dont worry we will get you laid one way or a nother. And we continued drinking and partying into the nite. As it turned out, I did not meet any one and it was getting late, so we headed home. We got in the car and my roomate wanted to drive. We were driving a truck, so I sat by the window and his girlfrind sat in the middle as we began the trip home.
Not five minutes into the trip, he asked her to take her tits out so he could see them while he was driving. She did and they were so close to my face, I got an immediate errection! Then on her own, she pulls off her skirt and she is now in just a tiny pair of panties.
My roommate unzips and pulls his cock out and as if I wasnt even there, she leans down and begings giving him oral. Now laying on her side sucking his dick, I can see her pussy hanging out the sides of her panties and its killing me. My roommate reaches down and pulls the panty to the side, licks his finger and begans rubbing the clit. She begins to moan hard. After a few, he says, hey Bro, you wanna help me out her and keep her going...Im going to pull off the road. Fuck yeah, I reply and drop the the floorboad, taking a big chance, I lift her leg and go at that wet pussy tounge first. He turned off and went down on old road as I tounged her deep, getting as deep as I could reach my tounge. He turned off the truck and said, lets get in the back bed. We got out and walked around to the back and climbed on. My roommate had his girlfriend lay on her back and told me to keep eating that cunt. I did and could see him taking off his pants and underwear while I contiued eating. She was squirming and moaning, so I guess I was pretty good. He straddled over her and and fed her his cock.I looked up to see his ass thrusting back in forth in my face and he humped her mouth. It was just close enoug, I could see through his light butt crack of hair to see a very pink man hole. I wanted to see what it would be like to tounge them both, so I moved in a position where as he was fucking her face, his ass would accidentaly hit my head a little. He bumped me a few times and didnt seem to respond the way youd think a guy would. So I made sure one of the bumps made contact with my nose and it did go pretty close to his crack. I got a little wiff of that man ass..it was a little sweaty, mixed with cologne and cigurette smell. My cock was getting so hard, I just had to put my tounge on the ass just once. So, I can up from his girlfriend pussy and run my tounge across the furry on his put cheek! He said, hey bud, Let me help ya and pulled his crack wide open infront of me, exposing that pink manhole! I slowly stuck my tounge to it and probed it for a minute. Fuck, it was hot, so I slipped my tounge in as deep as I could, feeling him push back onto it. His girlfriend got up and he rolled me into her spot and sat on my face. The next thing I felt was her cunt sliding onto my dick! It was so warm and wet! She leaned forward and began sucking his cock as I ate that fur hole. I could feel him begin to shoot a load in her mouth as his hole tightened, so I dumped my load in that warm cunt bouncing on my dick. I never shot so hard in my 19 y/o life.
We lived togther for a few more years and from time to time, he have me join them in his bed or he would come into my room and ask me to eat his ass while he jerked off, but he would never let me suck him and once shooting his load, he would get up and go back into his room. He just like to have his ass eaten I quess.

what are the odds of this happening.........

in this whole wide world, with billions of people, what are the odds of meeting someone on this site that lives up the street......with a twist. i, at first, thought it was a teaser, someone across the world who was playing a trick.. and i told her about the bakery where i have coffee every morning, about my white sox coat i am so proud of....but just could not get a committment to meet.....so one morning, there is a woman staring from across the room, would not take her eyes off me ( i am no prize, mind you ) she sort of fit the description of the zoig lady...so i go over and ask if her name is ++++, and instead of no, she says very demurely, " no, should it be ? ". and " why? "...so, i thought go for it...and layed out the whole spiel.....and had to tell her about zoig, she did not believe there was a site, as i described it, so i go out to the car and get my laptop, we goes to a far corner, (( paneras is wireless) and showed her the site....and me, and the lady who i thought she was........and all the big cocks and videos.............so she tells me she is from cedar rapids on business, and was staying at the marriot, and maybe we should go back to her room and explore some more............we entered the room, she took off her coat, then her shoes, then her blouse and skirt....and said, " well, i only have til 1 oclock for my meeting" and i hurriedly caught up disrobing.....and as i became thick and erect at this whirlwind encounter, she says " damn, she passed this up" and i said we hadnt even got paSSED THE HELLO STAGE......SHE PUSHED ME BACK ON THE BED, AND IMMEDIATELY went into a 69 embrace....around my cock in her mouth, she said thats what she wanted,,,,,and we did both come quickly....the second time took lots longer....and afterwards she gave me a very hot, slippery , wet tongue kiss that tasted like both of us.........it was now 11:45 and she had to go get ready....we exchanged e-mails and she said she wants another go around...and to sign up to ZOIG...................thank you zoig...and to the chick that blew me off to begin with, you did me a great favor without even knowing it,,,,and if you do read this...tuff!

Making ends meet – first time affair

My husband and I met just before our freshman year in junior college and soon started dating pretty heavily. The reason he said he was attracted to me was because I wore short skirts and tight fitting shirts that showed off my nice breast all the time. The sexy outfits I wore accentuated my 5’1” 100 lb, petite frame with the little skirts showing off my silky smooth legs.

I soon became pregnant at a very young age of 19 and married shortly afterwards. My new husband joined the military to help support his new family, and we soon found ourselves separated for long periods of time. He had to attend boot camp, school, and deployed for 4 months before I saw him again with our new son. While he was gone, I stayed with his parents and constantly ached for a hard cock. But luckily I was pregnant and didn’t feel so attractive so it was easy to remain faithful during that period.

Soon after my husband returned from sea, we moved to South Carolina his new duty station and rented an apartment. The apartment building wasn’t the nicest of neighborhoods but it had to do with the small amount of money he was earning. His paycheck barely covered our car payment, apartment, food, and diapers so we found ourselves living paycheck to paycheck all the time. Not long after we arrived in Charleston, my husband had to leave again to sea, leaving me alone in a strange new place with no family or friends to help me out if I had any trouble.

It was my first time living away from home on my own, learning to manage a household, raising a brand new baby and dealing with no sex on my own was very challenging. The only person I knew was the building manager Carl, who lived above us. My husband and Carl hit it off and he would invite him over almost every night to sit around drinking and talk sports. So my husband asked Carl to check on me from time to time while he was out at sea to make sure I was ok which Carl was glad to do.

I managed things pretty well for the first two months while my husband was gone with Carl checking on me from time to time. Carl would help me carry in my groceries and stop in to make small talk usually in the evenings always being very flirtatious and funny. But in December, about a month before my husband returned I ran into some money trouble. I had budgeted enough for bills and to go buy Christmas presents for everyone and send them back home to family. I spent to much money on gifts by mistake, then my car broke down that required me to spend most of our remaining money for the month to get it fixed. My rent was due and my misfortune left me about $300 short.

Carl stopped by to pick up the rent check that morning and I broke down crying telling all about my problem. I told him I was afraid of disappointing my husband and worried that if he found out he would get very upset with me. Carl told me that he would love to help me out but he couldn’t just let me skip a month of rent and he didn’t have $300 to hand out for nothing. He told me if I was interested, that there was a possible way to earn that money. I told him that I couldn’t work because daycare would cost too much and I have no one to watch my son. He said the job did not require me to leave home but I probably couldn’t handle it. I told him I am a very hard work and never quit, so give me a chance. He proceeded to tell me that I could earn the money for rent by performing sexual favors for him. I stood there in total shock with my mouth hanging open not believing what had just been said. He told me to think on it, and he would check back with me that evening to get my answer or the rent. Newly married for just a year did I really want to cheat on my husband and chance ruining my relationship? Plus, I was very sexually naive having only been with two men in my life, and being a slut went against all the Catholic beliefs I was raised on. Strangely enough, I found myself turned on by his proposal and began to wonder if I could actually go through with it.

At 8 pm, I had just put my son down asleep in his crib when Carl returned looking for my answer. He had a huge grin on his face and looked very pleased when I told him I would do it since I had no other choice and needed the money. Not to mention, I was pretty horny for not having sex for over 2 months and wanted to get fucked pretty bad.

Carl grabbed me by the hand and led me to my bedroom and told me to undress because he was dying to see my young hard body naked. As I undressed out of my little tight shorts and t-shirt, he began undressing himself. At 48, Carl was in pretty good shape but had a slight beer belly. He was 6 foot tall, built like a football player, black, and standing next to me he dwarfed my tiny body.

He ravaged my body with his eyes, telling me to lie on the bed in different positions so he could get a good look at what he was paying to enjoy. I pushed my 36C breast together showing him my hard nipples pulling on them one at a time. Then I spread my legs showing him my freshly shaven pussy slowly running my fingers across my moistening lips. Finally, he asked me to bend over doggie style, so he could see my sexy little ass. It surprised me that he didn’t just jumped right on, attack me, and do his business, but actually enjoyed making me wait for him. I was getting turned on more and more as he made me wait for him to touch me.

He was standing by the bed rubbing his hard cock through his boxers which I could see a distinctive bulge. Then he told me to slide to the end of the bed and remove his boxers for him. As I got to the end of the bed, he bent down and kissed me on the lips as my hands found his boxer and slid them down to the floor. As we broke from kissing and he stood up, I saw the biggest and thickest cock I have ever seen in my life. His cock was pointing straight out at me and had to be at least 9” long and thick as my wrist. He didn’t have to say anything to me; I instinctively took his big cock in both hands and began stroking him mesmerized by its size.

He told me to put it in my mouth and suck his cock, so I tried my best to fit as much as I could but it was only the tip. As I sucked his cock, he ran his hands all over my tits, ass, and stopping on my pussy driving me wildly insane. His big fingers found their way to my clit rubbing it in slow small circles, then sliding one, then two, fingers deep inside my aching cunt.

He told me to slide back up on the bed so he could eat my sweet pussy. Working his way kissing up my thighs and burying his face in my sopping wet pussy made me come like never before. Once he had my pussy-dripping wet, he asked me if I was ready to take his big cock. I said I hope so, but I am scared because I never had a cock bigger the 6”. I told him to wait a second and got a condom from my husband’s nightstand and placed it on Carl’s cock. The condom was super tight on his huge meat stick and barely went halfway down his shaft then I begged him to fuck me.

He slowly placed the head of his huge cock against my cunt lips, slowly rubbing it up and down on them. Then he slowly slid his cock it into my wanting cunt letting me adjust to the huge girth. As I adjusted to his size he slowly began driving his cock in and out of my aching pussy. God, it was huge!!! It hurt so good and I was cumming over and over again with every deep thrust, but he was still only getting half of it in me. So, he told me to climb on top and see if it was more comfortable that way. So, I slid down on his massive tool feeling it reach into my stomach.

I was riding his cock really hard as he sucked on my breast and slid his finger in my ass (never had that done before then) making me shake with the most intense orgasm ever. He told me that his cock was ready to explode but he wanted me doggie style. So he got behind me and really began to give it to me harder than I thought possible. As I looked down at his huge tool going in and out of my pussy, I saw that the condom was lying on the bed and he was riding me bare back. And before I could move he began grunting and pulling me back out his long cock filling my pussy full of his seaman. He pulled his cock out and stared at my pussy as I lay on the bed trying to recover from the hard pounding I just received. And told me that he hope my husband doesn’t get mad at him for ruining my pussy with his big cock. While I was wondering how I am going to explain to my husband being pregnant with a black baby.

Carl came over several more times before my husband finally returned, so I can work off the rent payment. He fucked me one more time leaving his cum deep in me just before I went to pickup my husband. I felt like such a slut for fucking a guy while my husband was gone and even in his bed and he never knew he got sloppy seconds on his return home. But sometimes sacrifices are needed to keep things running at home.

Time for th another encounter for you to enjoy, I hope you

One weekend, without planning, it all happened, and it was great. My hubby had his friend coming to stay with us for a weekend visit. We had fished together a few times before marrying my hubby. I was hot for his friend. My hubby knew this, and mentioned that this would be an opportunity to realize my desire to have sex with him, now that he has shared me once already. His freind has a very sexy body and has a personality much like my hubby’s. Both are very sensitive and sensual in a mysterious way, funny and outgoing, qualities that I find very sexy in a man.

Friday night his friend arrived, I made dinner and we watched a football game. I sat on the couch between them and started thinking about what I would hope would happen. When the game was over, my hubby put in a porno that featured two guys with one girl. Both of them started to tease me, about what was going on in the video. What our friend did not know, was that my hubby had started sharing me with other men and the video was getting me very turned on. The more I watched, the more I wanted both of them.

I got up from the couch and walked into our bed room and started to undress, with the door open. The way our house is, you can see into our bedroom from the couch, so both of them could see me undress. Needless to say, my hubby’s friend’s eyes got big when I stripped down completely, and stood naked in the doorway. My hubby smiled at me and then looked at his friend. “Looks like the wife wants to play, you up for it". He looked at me then back at my hubby and said, "Don't tease about that, she has me very turned on". My hubby got up and said, "Come on and join us".

Both of them walked into the bedroom and I dropped to my knees and undid my hubby’s jeans. Our friend just stood in the doorway as I started sucking my hubby’s cock. “Damn, it looks like the porno we were watching”, he said, watching me take hubby.

“She is great at sucking cock. Come on over and let her show you”, my hubby said. “I want to see you eat her pussy”, he said to my hubby. I got up on the bed and spread my legs wide apart. My hubby stripped off his cloths and started playing with my pussy. I was so wet you could hear my juices, as my hubby started to finger me. “Dam she is so hot, I can hear her wet pussy over here”, his friend said. Spreading my lips apart with his fingers, my hubby started darting his tongue on and around my clit. Turning my head to face our friend, my hands squeezed my breasts and I pinched my nipples. “Fuck her with a few fingers”, our friend instructed. “OOOHHHH”, I moaned as my hubby complied with the request. The situation was so hot. Our friend was not only watching me get my pussy eaten, but was giving instructions! My hubby started sucking on my clit and fucking me with two fingers. This sent me over the edge and my body shook with a powerful climax.

Our friend was still standing in the doorway looking at me naked on the bed, with my hubby now standing between my legs. He took my hand and walked me over to his friend.

He seemed a little nervous as I undid his pants and pulled them to the floor. His cock was fully erect and hard, and I quickly grabbed it and started licking every inch. I then slowly opened my mouth and placed my lips over the head of his cock. I slowly pushed my head forward, until I choked slightly as his head began entering my throat. I slowly pulled back until the head of his cock was between my lips. I repeated the process a quite a few times.

“Oh yes, you were right, she is a great cock sucker”, he said to my hubby. After working my tongue down the shaft and back again several times, I sucked him into my mouth and repeated the slow sucking process. I then began jacking him off and tried to get as much of him in my mouth as possible. His cock was a lttle longer and almost as thick as my hubby’s.

At this point I wanted to get fucked by both of them all night. I stopped my sucking and had both of them get on the bed. The three of us moved to the bed and our friend was on his back with his long thin cock pointing up like a flag pole. I had been thinking about fucking him since our first time with another man, and at last it was about to happen. I moved on top of him, sitting on his lap. I could feel his hard cock against my pussy and ass, as my hands rubbed his smooth solid chest. He reached up and started playing with my tits. “You have great tits”, he said, “and oh those enticing nipples”.

My pussy was so wet, that I was able to get his cock in me with no effort. “OOOHHH”, I moaned, as I slowly pressed down getting him even deeper inside me. Laying down next to us on the bed, was my hubby. “You like his cock in you baby”, he asked, I turned my head and looked into his soft blue eyes and softly moaned, while trying to get more of our friend into me. “Oh yes, it feels so good”, I said. “Tell me what you like about his cock”, he asked. “I just looked up at him and smiled, as I was inching more of this other man in me.

Our friend then moved off of me, pulled me onto my hands and knees, and moved behind me. He again entered me slowly, very slowly, teasing me. He would stop for a second and then begin pushing into me, deeper and deeper. He repeated the stop and push over and over as he entered deeper and deeper. I was moaning and lost in the feeling of pleasure that was moving through my body. Even my skin began to tingle, enhancing the feelings I was experiencing even further.

He increased his movements, pulling almost all of the way out and slamming back into me, over and over and over. My moans grew louder and louder and then he slowed the pace. He began pushing himself in and out so slowly, that I could experience the feeling of each and every inch of him entering me over, and over, and over. Then he thrust into me hard and deep and I screamed and grabbed my hubby’s hand.

Our friend moved his hands to my ass and grabbed both cheeks, giving them a shake. “She likes getting spanked, not real hard, but firmly”, my hubby said. Our friend said “Do you want me to give you a good spanking baby?” “Yes”, I whispered. His hands strongly grabbed each cheek and then let go. SMACK, SMACK! He quickly slapped one cheek and then the other. Not too hard, but just enough to cause some heat. “AAAHHH”, I moaned, as the swats made me wiggle and move his cock around in me. Grabbing each cheek in a hand, he started moving me up and down on his cock, very, very slowly, giving my ass a smack after every few thrusts. “OH GOD”, I moaned, as his cock slowly pumped in and out of me. “She has dreamed for a long time about having you fuck her”, my hubby said. He was right. I had wanted to fuck this friend for a long time, and now, 10 years later, here I was riding his cock, as my hubby watched.

Our friend then pulled out of me and lay down next to me. He reached over and pulled me on top of him, allowing me to repeat the movements that initiated the first penetration. I lowered myself onto him and he allowed me to relive the initial entry for a second time. Again my cervix felt the assault of our friends cock. My head went back as I was lost in the ecstasy of the moment. I felt myself relax slightly, enjoying the feeling encompassing my body.

“Are you ready to cum?”, our friend asked. Before I could answer, he spread his legs out, making mine spread further, and then thrust his hips upward. His cock went in deeper, and I felt his balls press against my pussy lips. “AAAHHH”, I moaned, as his cock was now pressed even further into me. Never before, had my pussy been entered so deep. What happened next was amazing. Pressing his hips upward, he lifted me in the air and it felt like he even went further into me. Then he quickly lowered his hips, pulling several inches of his cock out. I would crash down, slamming all of his cock back into me. He then repeated this very fast several times. I have never screamed with pleasure so loud during sex before. My tits were flopping around and my ass was warm from the spanking. It was like being fucked on a pogo stick. Bouncing up and down on his cock had me on the edge of climax in seconds. Then he stopped and spanked the sides of my ass. “You like my cock fucking you hard don’t you baby”, he said, giving my ass some good swats. Breathing heavy, I gasped in agreement. “You want some more don’t you”, he asked. “Yes, please fuck me, don’t stop”, I said. “Don’t ask me, ask your hubby for permission”, he said. What a turn on, to ask my hubby for permission, to get fucked by his friend. Turning to my hubby I asked, “Please can I get fucked hard by his cock”, I begged. “I want to get fucked by him so bad”, I begged. “Promise to be a good little slut and you can”, he said. “I promise to be a good slut”, I said.

With that, he lifted me up again on his cock and held me in the air for a second or two, and then resumed the hard fucking. I moaned out loud as he bounced me on his cock. The room was filled with the sound of me screaming in pleasure and the thumping of his balls smacking against my pussy. “YEA, YEA, AAAAHHH”, I screamed, as I started cumming. I made so much noise that I am sure people down the street could hear me. Our friend lifted his hips upward keeping his cock all the way in, and he wiggled from side to side. This pressed my clit against his body while I was cumming, and made me cum again. My body was shaking out of control as I reached a new level of pleasure. Dropping forward onto our friend, I felt spent.

I rolled off and into the middle of the bed. My hubby brought me a glass of ice water, as I rested trying to catch my breath. Our friend then moved his cock to my face, and I started licking. “She is tasting herself”, he said, as I tasted my cum. My hubby watched, while playing with my breasts. “Your hubby is going to fuck you from behind while you suck my cock”, our friend said.

We moved into position with our friend standing next to the bed, and my hubby behind me. As I worked our friend’s cock with my mouth, my hubby started pumping me slowly, and giving my ass soft swats. “I don’t know what I like better, her pussy or her mouth, both are just beautiful”, our friend said.

After licking and sucking his cock, our friend told me to switch. I turned around with my ass now toward our friend, and my hubby was laying on the bed with his legs spread. I started sucking and arched my ass in the air. Our friend started slowly pumping all the way in and then almost all the way out. He caressed my ass with his hands and gave me a swat from time to time. I sucked hard on my hubby’s cock and wanted to make one of them cum. “Dam her pussy feels great”, our friend said. I was being a slut and loving every single second of it. “What a sexy ass you have”, he said pumping me. He spanked my ass a few more times, and then pulled out, saying he did not want to cum just yet.

Our friend had me get on my back with my head hanging off the bed. Standing over me, his cock was above my face. My hubby spread my legs wide and started fucking me. Opening my mouth wide, I sucked on our friend’s balls then took hold of his cock and pulled it into my mouth. I grabbed my breasts and pushed them together and shook them. “Oh shit that’s hot”, he said, as I felt the first several drops of hot cum shoot down my throat. My hubby started driving in me fast and hard almost knocking me off the bed. At that moment, my hubby pulled out and shot once onto my back and then rammed himself back inside of me to fill me with the his remaining load. When both of them were spent, they groaned and slapped their cocks on me. I opened my mouth and sucked the head of our friend’s cock in my mouth and swallowed a few drops.

We laid back on the bed, my hubby on one side and our friend on the other. They slowly massaged me as I reveled in the feelings of each of the moments we had just shared. They both were complimenting me and telling me how I had given them an unexplainable feeling of satisfaction and peace. My feelings were those we can usually only dream about, but I was truly experiencing the ultimate in sexual gratification.

The three of us then took a shower together, and both of them washed me clean of cum. It was the second time with another man and one of the most erotic and wild sexual experiences I had ever experienced.

On Sunday, it was an hour before we had to take our friend to the airport. I asked the guys, “Are you guys up for a quickie?” “Get your ass on the bed”, the guys said, and I did very quickly. I dropped my shorts and panties and arched my ass in the air. Both of them did the same and stood behind me. Our friend entered me first and started pumping me slowly. “Dam you have a sexy ass”, he said. That is when my hubby whispered something to him and I tried to hear, but I could not tell what he was saying.

“AAAAHHH”, I moaned, as our friend started fucking me fast, with his entire cock and his balls making that slapping sound with every thrust. Then he pulled out and slapped my ass firmly, as my hubby replaced him and started fucking me the same way. “OOOOHHHH”, I screamed, as my hubby opened my pussy wide. Then he pulled out and slapped my ass firmly. Our friend replaced him quickly and continued the wild fast fucking. Each of them were coming within a few pumps of making me cum before pulling out. This went on and on and I was going crazy hanging on the edge of letting loose. Then our friend thrust all the way in and grunted loud. His hot cum shot deep inside me as I screamed and started to cum as well. When he finished, he gave my ass a few more slaps and pulled out. My hubby replaced him and fucked me teasingly slow as he shot his load into me. For the first time, I had two guys cum in my pussy, two different ways, within seconds.

After catching my breath and cleaning up, we drove our friend to the airport, both of them showing me off all the way. My slut weekend ended after I received a sensuous goodbye kiss from our friend, and a night of cuddling at home with my hubby.

Hope you enjoyed it, I sure did.

Fun in the backseat

Hurry up honey or we’ll be late, my husband yelled. I was putting the finishing touches of my make up on. We had set up to meet a guy we had talked to on line. His name was Rudy and he sounded like a lot of fun and I was going to find.. We had planned to meet him at a local sports bar. Coming down the stairs my husband said that I looked very sexy. I had put on a tie around skirt with a halter-top that tied behind my neck. No bra and a garter belt with black nylons. No panties as I felt they would just get in the way later. So I gave hubby a twirl and he said wow. So off to the bar we went. We told the hostess that we wanted a booth and she took us to the last one in a dimly lit corner. Imagine that. We sat down and waited for our guest to arrive. He had said that he would be wearing a dark purple silk shirt and khaki pants. Oh did I mention he was black. Well we didn’t have to wait long. A black man wearing a dark purple shirt came in and went to the bar. My husband went over and asked him if he was Rudy, he must have said yes cause in no time they were returning to the table. I was sitting in the booth with my back to the wall when they returned. Introductions were exchanged and hubby told Rudy to sit on my side of the booth. I was already getting moist just thinking about that black cock that was bulging those pants when he was walking over to the booth. We had some small talk and then talked about the conversations we had had on line. I had flirted with him a lot on line and told him I would suck him dry. He laughed and then looked at me and said did I mean what I said about sucking him dry. I told him I would try my best. I told him he was making me wet just thinking about it. I grabbed his hand and guided it under the booth and let him feel my panty less pussy and my hot wetness he had stirred. He slowly felt around and found my clit and gave it a light rub and then pulled his hand back. He told me that he was getting hard just thinking about it, and that I should feel what I was doing to him. I lightly placed my hand on his bulging pants and wow was it ever large. I thought that I would never be able to get that in my mouth. He slowly pulled his zipper down and guided my hand inside. I was surprised to find that his cock was out through his jockey shorts and I was touching one of the biggest cocks I ever had felt. It was smooth and silky to the touch. We knew that we had to get to someplace where this could go a lot farther or we would get arrested in the bar. So with that we straightened up our clothes and paid the bill and out the door we went. We suggested that Rudy just leave his car there and that he could ride with us. I suggested that he and I get in the back seat and hubby could drive to our house. I wanted to play on the way home. So Rudy and I jumped in the back seat and off we went. Rudy didn’t waste anytime. He turned and started kissing me as soon as we entered the car. His hands were reaching up under my skirt to find my clit again and to feel my wetness. I wasn’t wasting anytime either. I pulled his zipper down and reached in to release that huge cock from its confines of clothes. My God what a huge cock. It was at least 9” long and 2” or more in girth. It had a slight curve and I knew that it was going to be a challenge to try and get that all in my mouth and down my throat. Rudy was tonguing my mouth with ever so lightly of a kiss. He then would push his hand on my clit and rub it for an instant and then put his finger in my wet pussy. It was definitely getting me hotter and hotter. He had moved my halter top aside and was rolling his fingers on my nipples. Needless to say they were getting hard and standing out for his touch. I slowly broke away from his kiss and started to lower my head to his now hard cock. I didn’t have to go down very far as it was coming up to meet my lips. I slowly let my breath flow over it and with that opened my mouth and licked the head with my tongue. I felt his hand on the back of my head coaxing me to take him in my mouth. I obliged him by opening my mouth as wide as I could and felt his huge cock enter in my hot wet mouth. I took about 1/3 of his cock and started a slow rhythm of sucking and moving his cock in and out of my mouth. He was moaning and pushing harder on my head. I relaxed my throat and started to take more of him in my mouth. It was going in and I was surprised at how much I had of him in my mouth. It got to the point where I had to decided if I could take it or not. I figured why not. I had deep throated before and was told that I was good at it. So I gave it that little extra push and relaxed my throat and felt it slide past my tongue and into my throat I felt my throat stretch as he was very large and I wasn’t all the way use to it yet. I let it slide out and back up in my mouth. He was just moaning and saying no woman had ever taken all of him like that before. Well I wasn’t going to let him forget what I had just done so I figured I would just have to do it again and again. I started a smooth rhythm and would let his cock slide deeper and then suck and then deeper and then suck. Finally he said that he was going to cum. I moan and let him know that I wanted it in my mouth and to just go ahead and give it all to me. I kept sucking and could feel the head of his cock swelling with that knowing feeling that it is going to explode soon. And with that he grabbed my head and raised his hips. The first pulses of cum came with a burst that filled the back of my mouth. I was trying to swallow it when the second blast of cum was filling my mouth as well. It was a sweet and salty tasting cum. The cum was still expelling from his cock and I was trying not to lose a drop. He was pushing my head and raising his hips with every explosion. I finally relaxed enough to let it slide down my throat again. I slowly started to raise my head and felt a little cum on my chin. I looked at Rudy and took my finger and guided the cum in my mouth. I jokingly said “Good to the last drop.” We were just about home now and still had some more to enjoy for the night. (To be Continued)

my wife dates and fuks guys !!!

My wifes sister came over lastnight she was pissed off at her hubby for spending more time with his friends than with her. She is not the best looking girl but she has a very nice ass and breasts. I have always talked about her to my wife . She came over they started drinkng she got a little drunk and my wife calld her hubby and told him she was ok and that she was going to stay the night. I was horny to and my wife had whispered into my ear that tonight was my chance to have her sister and to go for it id i wanted it. She went to bed and i stayed up with her sister. We kept drinking and the next thing i know she told me that she had wanted to fuk me since i had married her sister. But that it was wriong to do that to her sister and i told her that my wife had told me that i had her permission to fuk her. She would not beleive me until out of the dark my wife walked in and told her go ahead she didnt mind shareing me. Was very wild hearing that from my wifes mouth. I went over to her and started kissing her as my wife was watching me . I got so aroused haveing my wife watch me with her own sister. My watched me fuk her sister in every hole and position . I ended up cuming into her pussy several times that night my wifes sister and i slept on our pull out couch in the living room while my wife went to bed. I fuked her again that morning as my wife cooked breakfast and watched again . My iwfe invited her to move in wih us if she wanted to leave her husband and she said ok and shes moving in this weekend and my wife said she can fuk me all she wants and that they both can be m wifes how fuking lucky of a guy am i. Really love to hear any comments from ladys if u caould share ur man with ur sister

Husband's Best Friend takes wife when he passes out

My husband was transferred to San Diego to attend school to learn more about his navy job. Finding a place in San Diego was hard because it was very expensive but we found a small two bedroom apartment for us and our son. Although very junior an E-3, guys at the school loved him because he had a car and a place off the base for everyone to hang out.

We would throw parties and all the guys from his school would come over a drink. They would usually drink too much and pass out on the couch or we would have guys all over the apartment sleeping on the floor. It was fun seeing all the guys drunk off their ass and joking around.

One of the guys became real good friends with my husband. Dennis had a lot in common with my husband and they hit it off. He became a regular fixture around the apartment coming over almost everyday and stay the weekends with us. He must have loved our couch because he slept on it all the time.

Dennis was a tall good looking guy that had no problem picking up women. He was 6 foot tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, and very handsome. He would always wear tight shirts or tank tops showing off his big chest and arms and jean shorts fit nicely against his ass. I couldn’t help myself from looking sometimes and dream of him taking me.

Dennis would always flirt with me and rub his crotch against me as he passed me in the kitchen. And I was no better, because I would wear loose fitting tops and no bra and bend over in front of him flashing him my firm 36C breast. At night, I would wear skimpy outfits like a tank top and tiny baggy shorts with no panties that showed off my sexy thighs. And if I sat just right on the love seat he could have a clear view of my full pussy lips.

I turned 21, we decided to have a birthday party and invite all the guys over. Dennis and my husband had a drinking contest and both got smashed. My husband got so drunk that he passed out on the bed. The party winded down and everyone began to leave so Dennis said he would stay to help me clean up the mess.

I was wearing tight fitting jeans and wanted to get out of them so I went to the bedroom and put on my sleeping outfit the tank top and tiny baggy shorts. As we picked up all the empty beer cans and food mess, Dennis kept looking down my shirt at my bare breast. I know he was trying to sneak a peak and I loved every minute of it.

As I was dishes, he would bring me dirty dishes and slide behind me and brush his hard cock against my ass. He was driving me wild and my pussy was getting super wet. I went to get a bowl of the coffee table bending over right in front of him putting my ass right in his face. My shorts were riding up and I am sure he a clear view of my aching pussy.

He followed my back to the kitchen and as I washed the bowl he pinned me against the counter began pressing his hard cock against my ass and kissing my neck. Whispering in my ear, I have to have you now and slid his hands around me cupping my young breast.

I knew that my husband was in the other room and knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself. We began kissing; stripping each others clothes off, and I dropped to my knees taking his hard cock in my mouth.

His cock was so thick and big like a baby’s bottle that it was hard to get it in my mouth. Pre-cum was leaking from the head of his cock and it tasted so good. He grabbed me by the hand and led me to the couch and started to eat my pussy. His expert tongue swirled around my clit driving me wild. My pussy has never been eaten so well and he made sure I came twice before he stopped.

He laid me on the couch and rubbed the head of his cock against my swollen clit and dripping wet pussy. I begged him to stick his dick in me and he slowly drove his thick cock deep into me and held it there until I adjusted to his size. He loved my tight pussy and pulled his cock almost out before driving it back in while sucking on my hard nipples.

We reposition so that I was lying over the arm of the couch and he was behind me. Grabbing my hips, he aimed his big tool back at my pussy and drove it completely in making me gasp. I never have been fucked as hard before as he pounded away on my tight cunt with my pussy making sloshing noise as he used me.

He pulled me tightly back onto his cock as I felt his cock began to throb in me. I tried to pull his cock out but it was too late as he grunted and shot his seed deep into me. It seemed like he came forever shooting 3 or 4 times overflowing my sore pussy. His cock slowly slipped out of my well fucked cunt leaving a sloppy mess that ran down my legs and onto the couch arm. Spanking my ass and giving me a kiss on the cheek, he told me to go to bed and the next time we fuck it will be even better

Young girl plays nurse for elderly man

I was 19 years old attending my first year of college and need extra money to help pay for books and things. My mother, a LPN that did in-home nursing, offered me a job to stay overnight at an elderly man house to help her out. Three nights a week I would have to spend the night over at the elderly gentleman’s house after college. This arrangement was excellent for me because it allowed plenty of time to do homework and study for my classes.

The elderly man, Mr. Barnhart, was well know in the community and extremely wealthy. He owned several buildings in the town and supposedly worth a few million. For an older man, he was strangely attractive being 6 foot tall with blue eyes and tall slender.

I would arrive around 7 pm each evening just after my mother had bathed him, put him into his pajamas and got him into bed. Mr. Barnhart and I would talk and crack jokes until around 8 before he would go off to sleep. He liked to tease me about my tight clothes and young body telling me that if he didn’t wake up at least he would go with my pretty image in his mind.

My father fell and hurt his back which required my mother to spend more time at home. So I had to go to Mr. Barnhart’s house even earlier and perform all the duties she had to do like make his dinner and prepare him for bed. My mother asked me if I could handle it and I told her that it was no problem even though I was nervous about having to bath him.

The first day came with me taking on all the responsibility that my mother left to me. I made him dinner and sat down to eat with him which he seemed to really enjoy. During dinner, he was more up beat than normal and his eyes were darting up and down my body. It probably didn’t help that I was wearing loose baggy short that rode up my thighs and a white t-shirt that clung tightly outlining the shape of my breast.

It came time for me to bath Mr. Barnhart. I wasn’t looking forward to doing it but strangely I was intrigue on how he would look naked. I prepared his bath for him then entered the bedroom to help him get undressed. He was nervously joking around with me about seeing him naked and I told him not to worry.

Slowly I removed his shirt revealing a wrinkly older man that during his younger years was probably damn hot. Then shoe and pants came off next leaving him standing there in just his boxers. When I was about to remove his boxer, he looked me right in the eye revealing his building excitement and pleasure.

I smiled and slowly pulled his boxers off releasing his semi hard dick and huge sagging balls. I stared at his big balls in amazement wondering how they could be so darn big and he caught me staring and smiled.

I helped him to the bathtub and assisted him into the warm water. I couldn’t help myself from checking him out in the bathroom mirror. I grabbed a washcloth and lathered it up and began washing his chest and back. As I rubbed down his chest to his stomach, his cock began to twitch and grow harder and harder.

The water in the tub splash up on to me getting my white cotton t-shirt soaking wet making my nipples clearly visible through the thin material. His eyes were glued to my chest were he could clearly see my hard nipples poking out and large brown areolas.

I asked him if he needed help washing his privates and he told me that he did. So I rubbed the washcloth between his legs lathering up his balls real good. Cupping his balls with the other hand I ran the washcloth up his shaft pulling and pushing it up and down making his cock grow nice and hard.

He began moaning and laying his head back with his eyes closed as I stroked fast and squeezed his big balls. He slid his hand over to my breast rubbing my hard nipple and squeezing my firm breast. It wasn’t longer before he began to shoot huge jets of cum from his thin long hard cock.

I helped him from the tub and he kissed me on the cheek thanking me for a great bath. He got ready for bed and laid down to watch television. I left him alone for awhile but couldn’t get what just happen out of my mind. I was so damn horny and needed relief.

I undressed and walked completely naked into his bedroom and his eyes almost popped out of his head. I told him that he got to cum earlier and now it was my turn. He told me to get on the bed and play with my pussy for him. I pulled the sheets down and took of his pajama bottoms, climbed up on the bed, and played with my wet cunt while I stroked his growing cock.

My hot young body was driving him wild and he stared fingering my pussy paying good attention to my clit. He was skillful at using his hands and got me extremely hot. I took his 7” cock into my mouth working up and down the shaft and taking his huge balls in my mouth.

Realizing his cock was beginning to pulsate, I squeezed his balls taking his cock deep into my mouth making sure that he exploded deep in my throat. When he came, it set me off and my pussy began shudder over and over again. I climbed off the bed and kissed him good night. That night was the first of many fun baths that we shared together.

Wife In Porn Fantasy

As anyone who has read my profile probably knows, seeing my wife in a genuine porno film is my ultimate fantasy. I envision it going something like this:

After watching HGTV non-stop all weekend long she's convinced we need to remodel the kitchen. I tell her our kitchen is fine and we don't need to be spending my hard earned money on something that isn't broken. She says "fine, I'll get the money myself".

She spots an ad on craiglist titled "Models wanted $$$ - no prior experience necessary". She's tall, in great shape, and very attractive. All her life people have told her she should be be a model so she tells me she's going to go for it. This could be her last shot as she just turned 30. I warn her that the ad is most likely for porn but she just snaps back "oh you would say that. You just don't want me to come up with the money so we don't have to remodel the kitchen."

She finds out where the auditions are being held and gets ready to head down. Before she leaves I warn her one final time to be careful. She insists she knows what she's doing. She arrives at the audition and the slick talking producer convinces her he can make her a star. 15 minutes later, after signing some contract that she didn't bother to read, she is buck naked on all fours with her ass in the air thinking she's just filming a racy Cinemax style movie where the sex is simulated.

"What now?" she asks,

"Just act natural" the director calmly reassures her. "It's a love scene. Think of it like a sexy perfume ad."

"This isn't so bad" she thinks to herself. "I can totally do this, although I really don't like being nude in front of the camera crew, but soon I'll have an amazing new kitchen so it's worth it."

And then her co-star enters the room. He takes his towel off and reveals his massive erection. Suddenly, she realizes this ain't no perfume ad. She's in a full blown porno film.

"Dammit", she thinks to herself. "I knew I should have read the contract closer before I signed it." Her train of thought is disrupted by the sound of the director yelling "action!" and the sensation of a 10" cock sliding in her ass.

"OH MY GOD!" she screams out. She moans louder and louder with every thrust of his cock deeper and deeper into her ass. She's never even had a cock this big in her mouth, let alone her ass. The pounding continues for almost an hour. The only breaks she gets are temporary as she is flipped around so he can penetrate her ass from different angles. Finally her co-star pulls his dick out.

"Thank God that's over" she thinks to herself but before she can breathe a sigh of relief, her co-star shoots a huge load of cum all over her face, signaling the end of the scene.

"Ugh, that was awful" she says to herself. "But at least I'll get my $10,000 to remodel the kitchen." Her moment of relief is short lived when the producer informs her that the contract she signed is back loaded, meaning, she only makes $500 for this film and doesn't get the rest of the money until she completes 20 films.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me" she snaps at him.

"Why are you so upset?" he answers, laughing. "You're the new star of the new Suburban Slutwives First Anal reality porn series. You might even win an Adult Film Award for best new starlet."

"Just give me my $500 so I can get the hell out of here" she mumbles, barely able to stand up. As she's leaving, she sees me at the door, arms folded with a big smirk on my face.

"I told ya it was porn" I say with a smile.

"I hate it when you're right" is the only response she can muster.

"Come on, let's get you a new kitchen. You earned it."

Fun at the bar

We had just arrived at the bar as the band was starting to play their first song. The place wasn’t very crowded but the people were having a good time talking and drinking a few down. We walked over to the bar and found two bar stools near the corner and sat down. We were checking out the crowd to see if we knew anybody, but didn’t recognize any familiar faces. I was getting a few looks back from some guys throwing darts in the corner from us. I was wearing one of my summer sundresses which was braless and very short. I was not wearing any panties, so I had to watch how I sat so as not to show to much. My breast were showing a lot of cleavage and I made sure to cross my legs and give them a lot of leg to look at. We ordered our drinks and I sat with my back to the bar watching the fellows throw darts. They were in their mid twenties I figured, very cute and well built. They were laughing and I could tell they were trying not to be too obvious of staring at me. I would just sip my drink and smile when one of them looked over. I told my husband that I was going to go over and see if they would let me play darts with them. He said “go ahead and enjoy yourself, with a wink.” I slowly walked over to the guys and asked if they wouldn’t mind if I threw some darts with them. They jumped at the chance and before they knew it I was throwing darts and kind of flirting with them both at the same time. We were back in the corner of the bar and most of the people were watching the band. I slowly would move closer to this one guy named Richard. I would rub my body against him and say “oh excuse me”. He would just laugh and say “anytime”. The other guys name was Danny. I would make it a point to touch and rub each of them when I walked by. They said I was a good-looking MILF. I told them thanks and that I would love to prove that MILF part one day. They both looked surprised and then asked if they could take me out. I told them that my husband was at the bar, but he likes to watch me play. Would they mind if he were to watch us? They agreed and we decided it was time to get out of the bar to more comfortable surroundings. I told the guys to go out and wait for us in the parking lot and we would be right out. I went up and told my husband that I had found some playmates and we should go now.
We left the bar and Richard and Danny were waiting outside for us. I walked over and got between them and put my arms around them and led them to our van. When we got at the van I opened the side door and told them to get in. My husband got in the driver’s seat and started out the parking lot. Now our van is a custom van with a bed in the back. I went back to the bed and told the guys to join me. I think they were a little surprised at how fast we were in bed. I started kissing Danny and his tongue was going faster and deeper in my mouth. I felt his hands on my breast. He was moving the top of my sundress aside so he could feel my nipples. I then felt Richard’s hand moving up my legs to my moist pussy. They then laid me down on the bed and Richard had pushed my dress up and was starting to lick my clit. He knew where to lick and he knew how. Danny was still kissing me and I was feeling his manhood through his pants. It was hard and erect and confined in his pants and wanting out. I told him to get rid of those pants and let me see his cock. He quit kissing me and leaned up and undid his pants and in one motion he was out of pants, underwear, and shoes. His cock was standing straight out and desiring satisfaction. I told him to let me suck it. All the while Richard’s tongue was licking my clit. I could feel my insides churning and knew that an orgasm was building up. Danny was slowly moving his big hard cock toward my face and I was opening my mouth to receive it. I slowly licked the under side of his cock and heard him moan softly. When I wrapped my lips around the head, he put his hand in my hair and pulled me forward taking his cock deeper into my mouth. I have to say that it was at least 2 to 3 inches in girth and was filling my mouth to the fullest. I was tonguing the underside of his cock while the head of it was starting to hit the back of my throat. I put my hand on his ass cheek and slowly relaxed the muscles in my throat. His cock slowly was going down my throat and I heard him moan louder now. I started a slow rhythm of sucking and moving my head on his cock. I could taste a little of his pre cum and knew it wouldn’t be long. My own orgasm was building from the tongue lashing Richard was giving my clit and pussy. He had inserted two fingers in my pussy and was fucking me while his tongue was licking my clit. Needless to say I was getting ready to have an orgasm of my own while I could feel Danny’s cock starting that swelling ness that said his cum was about to fill my mouth. I pushed his ass cheeks even harder and then I felt the first explosion of his cock and tasted his sweet salty cum in my mouth. It was gushing out and hitting the back of my mouth and throat. I clamped on to the head so as not to lose a drop. Just then I could feel my own orgasm starting to release and my juices were flowing all over Richard’s two fingers and on to the sheet of the bed. I swallowed Danny’s cum and could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth. I slowly let out a small moan and let his cock slide from my mouth with cum just on the head of it. I licked it off and smiled up at him and asked, “Was that good”. All I got was “Hell yeah!” Meanwhile Richard said that he wanted to fuck me good. I smiled at him and spread my legs. I don’t know when he got rid of his clothes but his cock was bare and ready to dive deep into my pussy. I felt the head slowly spread the lips of my pussy and could feel him entering slowly. He was very big and soon his cock was hitting the back wall of my vagina. He was buried deep and I was loving it. He didn’t waste much time in starting a good motion. I lifted my legs to allow him a better ride of my pussy. He started moaning and I could tell he was about to fill me up. I felt his hot cum fill the back of my pussy and knew he was giving me a long and hot load of cum. I pulled him in and could feel him still Cumming inside me. He slowly laid down on me and said, “Wow that was great”. I said yes it was. We all finally sat up and I straightened my sundress. My husband was smiling at me in the review mirror and I knew he had watched most of the action.

Becky Gets Gangbanged!!

I have been writing for a very long time and for the last few years have turned more of my attention to erotic stories. I will be posting some of mine here and would love your feedback. I am a published author and do enjoy writing custom stories for the ladies...so, feel free to message me privately if you would like to be the "star" in a story and we can talk about that...here is my first of many I will post here.


Becky drove around knowing she needed something deep in her pussy since
her limp dicked hubby could not please her the way her lover Todd
could. But, since Todd was out of town, she needed some cock and
attention. Mostly, it was the attention from someone, just pure
physical contact that she craved. She didn't care who it was, just so
she could touch someone. Todd had really opened her up to the slutty
side she had deep within her and on this day she needed more than her
hubby could ever give her. She was tired of driving around, and spotted
a pool hall with a few cars in the parking lot. "I should be able to
talk to someone half-way decent in there," she thought.

She walked in and made her way towards the bar. She didn't really look
around; otherwise she would have noticed all the guys staring at her.
She never considered the attention she would cause, wearing a short
black leather mini-skirt, with 4-inch heels. Her frame was perfect in
every way, and just the way she was dress, caught the attention of
those in the bar. She was definitely something that the guys in the
pool hall were simply not used to seeing walk in.

As she slid into the barstool, she ordered a glass of White Zinfandel.

"Sorry, lady," the bartender said. "I just sold my last glass to Butch
over there." The guys sitting at the bar had a good laugh.

She chuckled as well, answering back, "Well, then I'll just have a Jack
and Diet, heavy on the Jack!"

"THAT, I can get for you," he said.

She began to scan the place to see who she wanted to have keep her
company. She thought she could have any guy she wanted, considering
where she was at. As she looked around, she was pleasantly surprised at
the group of guys that were there. She also noticed that she was the
only female in the place! This made her slightly nervous, but more
excited as she noticed her panties getting slightly moist.

There were a few of the tables that were being used, but it wasn't too
busy. Becky noticed a group of about 8 guys joking around, and glancing
in her direction. They were a lot younger than she was, but so what,
she loved young cock. It seemed as one of them was "volunteered" to go
talk to her.

"Hey there," he said to her, as he was walking up to her. He had slurred
his words just slightly.

"Well, hey there, cutie," she answered back with a smile and a squeeze
of his arm. "How are you guys doing tonight?"

"Funny you should ask that. We're having a bachelor party for one of the
guys in our group, and we were wondering if you'd like to come join
us." He seemed a little nervous, but pretty free with his words.
"You're the hottest thing we've seen all night, obviously. Will you
join us for a game or two?"

"As long as the game involves all of us and drinking, I'm all for it!"
she answered back! She jumped off the barstool causing her skirt to
hike up her butt a little bit! She took her time adjusting as she
walked over to the group, giving the rest of the bar a nice shot of her
ass in a thong.

When Becky got over to the party, they all introduced themselves to her.
She didn't really pay any attention to their names. She only had one
thing in mind as her panties got even more wet from her pussy. They
pointed out who the bachelor was and she immediately went and sat in
his lap.

After some brief pleasantries, rounds of shots started to be ordered.
First came three rounds of jager-bombs. Then a round of tequila shots
was brought over. By this time, she had a bit of a buzz, and called the
bachelor over to one of the unused tables near them.

"OK big boy, you know how to do a body shot?"

"Hell yeah, I do!" he replied.

With that, she unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her big breasts. She
took the lemon first, and rubbing the top of her left breast with it.
Then she wet her fingers, wiped the top of her right breast with them
and sprinkled salt. She finally took the shot glass and held it between
them. She sat on the edge of the table with her legs apart. He moved
close to her, standing between them.

"Remember, lick, suck then swallow. And if you get it wrong, you're
going to have to do that all over again!" They all laughed out loud.

He got it right the first time, taking his time with the first two steps
- she didn't mind at all. They all cheered, including some of the other
guys in the place who decided to move closer to see what was going on.

"Very good, young man. And here's your reward," she told him, as she
grabbed his crotch with her free hand and kissed him. The after-taste
of the tequila on his breath intoxicated her to the moment even more
than she already was. Becky was hornier than she had been in a long
time, and had some ideas on how to fix that "problem"

"HEY BARTENDER ... what are the odds on you closing up shop early so we
can have a little private party here?" she called out. He stopped what
he was doing. He noticed that everyone in the place was pretty much
standing near the table that she was sitting on and started towards the
door. "You won't be sorry," is what she told him.

He sighed, then walked over to the front door and locked it. He turned
the lights off from the sign, and hung the closed sign. He and two
other guys walked around making sure all blinds were shut hanging from
the windows.

In the mean time, Becky had the bachelor between her legs as she was
grinding into him. She called over 2 other guys from his group to
either side, and started rubbing on their cocks. The man in front of
her unbuttoned her blouse all the way and unhooked her bra to release
her breasts. The other two started massaging her thighs, rubbing her
pussy through her thong.

She started getting hornier and hornier and wanted to take them all on.

"Somebody tell me how many of you are here! I think we're ALL going to
have some fun!" she let out.

After a brief moment, someone called out, "There's 20 guys here!"

"Well, if you're all game, I certainly am!"

All the guys started hollering out and high-fiving each other, even if
they didn't know each other. She got up off the pool table, making her
way to a more open area. She'd grab each of the guys' cocks as she
walked by, finally settling at a table. She took her blouse and bra
off, and slipped off her now-soaking thong off as she sat down. She
leaned back started rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples. She was
sitting on the edge of the seat with her legs wide open, so all could
see her wet pussy lips. She moved one hand down and started rubbing and
finger-fucking herself, all the while staring out at the crowd of guys.

"OK, we're gonna start out with me blowing all of you, then we'll take
it from there. But I want to suck on everyone's cock before anything
else happens! And we're going to start with you!" as Becky pointed to
the bartender!

He stepped forward. She immediately unfastened his jeans and grabbed his
cock. She stroked it a little before taking the head into her mouth.
Her head started bobbing up and down, taking as much of his 8-inch cock
as she could into her mouth. She sucked his cock like no one else was
in the room, until she backed away for a moment.

"OK, the rest of you guys, I want you to line up on either side of me,
and have your cocks ready for some good head!!" she commanded the rest
of the group.

They quickly made 2 lines on either side, coming up from behind her.
With the next two on either side, she started stroking them off, while
still sucking the bartender's cock.

"Where's the bachelor? He's going to be the one to stay in front of me
the rest of the time!" He quickly made it to the front of the line, as
Becky dismissed the bartender off to the side.

Sucking on the bachelor's cock, she'd take turns every so often turning
to either side of her, starting to suck off the guys on either side of
her. He would reach down groping her tits while she was on his cock,
then rubbing her pussy when she was sucking on the others. Like an
assembly line, the line kept moving and moving, with her sucking all
their cocks. Of course, there were all different sizes of cocks that
she faced, but she didn't care. They were all hard and just for her
that night! Eventually, her lips and chin were so glazed with saliva
and pre-cum, it was dripping onto her tits and lap. This went on for
about 25 minutes, by the time she went through both lines.

"OK, anybody left?" she called out. "We're gonna have some real fun,

Knowing exactly what she wanted at that point, Becky directed the guys
as if she was running her own porn movie. She laid herself down on a
bar table with her legs spread open. When she was ready, she started
choosing the guys she wanted and telling them where to go. One would
start fucking her, two more stood on either side so she could jack them
off while she would suck on a fourth cock. Others moved in closer to
stand around the table watching and stroking themselves until it was
their turn. When one was done, they started rotating Becky around the
table, each having a turn at getting fucked, sucked or jerked.

Everyone took their turn at her with the bachelor being the last one.
But he decided to change things up a little. He grabbed her by the hips
and pulled her off the table. He turned her around and bent her over
the table. He plunged his cock into her soaked pussy getting it nice
and wet. At the same time, he slit is thumb into Becky's ass. She
squealed out at first, then got used to it and started moaning in
pleasure. She quickly looked around for a cock to suck. Two guys moved
in front of her and she took turns sucking them off one at a time.
Before she knew it, the bachelor pulled out of her pussy, and crammed
his hard cock up her ass. She lifted one leg and put it on the table,
giving him better access. She loved this.

Becky had several orgasms, each one more powerful than the last. Every
time she started to come down from one, he'd start playing with her
clit, bringing her to another climax. Her body became weak with

"Come on boy, fuck me in my ass!" she growled. She was getting hotter by
the second and didn't want this to stop. His pace quickened until he
felt himself getting ready to shoot his load.

"I'm gonna cum in your ass!" he screamed.

"NO! I want you to cum all over my face, and the same goes for the rest
of you! I want all your cum all over my face and tits, NOW!!!!" Becky

The bachelor pulled out of her ass, as she quickly found a chair to sit
in. She leaned back as he moved around to have his cock pointing
towards the side of her face. As he jerked himself off, she was rubbing
her clit, bring herself to more orgasms.

With a loud cry, he shot his load into and across her open mouth. Becky
licked up what she could before another man in the group moved in and
stood in front of her. She looked around the room watching all the
other guys standing near her, stroking their hard cocks. She came again
just at the sight, knowing they were all going to coat her with their
cum. She turned back towards the cock in front of her as he released
his load. He coated her tits with his jism. She rubbed it all around as
she leaned forward to suck the rest of his cum from his cock. Slowly
but surely, each guy stepped up to make their "delivery" all over her.
Her favorite was three guys at once nailing her in the face from all

When all the guys were done, Becky made sure to give them all one more
show. She had several orgasms earlier, but none like the one she was
about to have for them. She really started working on her clit. Her
hand was almost a blur as she rubbed and rubbed.

Her breathing became heavy as she was about to come one more time. "Are
you ready guys? You're gonna love this!" Becky panted, as she lifted
her legs as high as she could while still sitting in the chair. She
rubbed her clit even faster!

screamed out as she started to squirt with her own, final orgasm. She
sprayed out about 4 feet, all over the floor. The guys just stood there
in amazement, as none of them had seen anything like that before!

"Thanks, guys! You've all totally made my night much better," Becky said
as she picked up her clothes and made her way to the restroom.


Fucking my neighbour

A few years ago our a friend and neighbour would come round a lot he would always look at me a certain way when my hub was out of the room trying to see up my skirts/dresses.He started coming round during the day when hub was at work.I was doing the washing up one day talking to him in the kitchen i was wearing a summer dress he came up behind me slid his hands up my dress rubbed my slit through my panties.I was so wet being fingered he took me over to the kitchen table pulled my panties down slid his cock up my shaven pussy.
he fucked me so hard and filled my pussy then pulled my pants back up just in time before my hub came home.We sat around the kitchen table chatting his cum soaking my panties my hub non the wiser.One of many fks that followed

the cable guy

It was a normal day at work. I was a cable installer and I had to go to different homes to install cable for customers. It was a normal Friday afternoon. I was running about 3 hours ahead of schedule when I pulled up to my next stop.
I went up and knocked on the door and then she answered. She was beautiful. She was 5'5" 120lbs with jet black hair. She was wearing a white wife beater that didn't hide her 34c tits and the skimpy lil shorts were climbing into her sweet lil ass. I was thinking at this time that I'm glad I was running so far ahead cause I was going to take my time at this job. The eye candy alone was enough pay for the day.
Well I introduced myself and she invited me in. I asked her how I could help her and she said she needed a new outlet installed in guest bedroom and she wanted me to hook up a HD box to her new flat screen. I asked her to show me to the room and as I followed her back I couldn't take my eyes of those long golden legs and that perfectly shaped ass. I made small talk tell her she had a beautiful home and how hot it was outside. She replied that it was nice how I had a job where I could work inside sometimes out of the heat.
We got back to the guest room and she cracked the door open and stuck her head in and told whoever was in there that I was there and I needed to come in. Then a soft sexy voice from inside the room said ok send him in. She opened the door and said ok she will show you where she wants it. I walked in and I was in disbelief. I was shocked. I couldn't move. Climbing out of the bed was a goddess. She was completely naked. I start walking backwads out the door and told her I was sorry I would come back once she got dressed. She told me don't worry about it, it was ok she didn't mind. So I walked back in. With a grin on her face she stick her hand out and said "hi my name is Sara" I shook her hand and introduced myself. She asked me if her being naked bothered me. I looked at her a smiled the told her it only bothered me in good ways. She giggled.
As hard as it was to concentrate I asked her where she wanted me to put the cable outlet and HD box. She showed me. She bent over to move some clothed and I got a nice view of that shaved lil pussy and that nice firm ass. I told her I would walk out and get my tools and get started.
Once I got the outlet installed I went out to get the box and when I came back in Sara and the other girl was both sitting on the bed. Sara looked at me and said you met my roommate Liz? I said yeah she should me in. I then said that all I have to do is hook up the equipment and call it in and they would be all set. I turned my back to them and got my phone out to call the job in and as I was talking to my office I heard the girls giggling. I turned around and Liz was whispering in saras ear. And Sara was looking at me. I got of the phone and I put my clipboard down to hook up the box and I just glanced back to the bed and I seen Sara and Liz making out. I couldn't look away. And they weren't bothered by me watching. Liz was rubbing saras leg and worked her way up to her perfect tits. She then started to kiss down her neck and then down to her hard nipple. She sucked on them and pulled on them with her teeth. Her hand slids in between her leg and Sara mooned and I could hear how wet she was. And at that point Liz stood up and started to take what lil clothes she had on off. I could not believe what I was seeing. Liz then leaned in and started kissing me passionately and Sara stood up and worked her way in between Lizs and my head it get to my lips. As I was making out with Liz I felt Sara pull away from me then I felt my belt get loser and then I felt my pants get pulled off. I was already hard as a rock and I felt Sara pull my swollen cock from my boxers and I heard her give a lil mmm sound and then she took it all in her mouth. Her lips felt amazing. Liz pulled my shirt off me and started kissing down my chest and she sucked and nibbled on my nips. She kept going down and then the 2 girls were sharing my cock. Sara left Sara to have my cock to herself and Sara moved down to w suck on my balls then to my hip and before I knew it she was behind me. She started to eat my asshole out. Her long tonge going inside me. I could feel how wet my asshole was from her mouth and I could feel her fingers playing around I'm hole. She spread my ass checks and she stuck her finger in. Swirling it around then I felt another one slid in. I could feel her inside me. Liz stopped sucking my cock at just the right time. She stood up and whippered in my ear. "you are our bitch, don't cum!". I shook my head yes. She walks over to her dresser and Sara pulled her fingers from my ass and went and laid on the bed spread eagle. Liz pulled out a strap on with a 8 inch cock and she turned and looked at me and I I couldn't help but smile. I looked at Sara on the bed and she was fingering me to come to her. I crawled onto the bed and she grabbed my head and pushed me in between her legs. I put my mouth on her pussy and she was so sopping wet. I started licking it up frantically. She was mooning and swirming around.
I felt Liz get onto the bed. She grabbed my waist sliding her hands around to my hard shaft. She took her palm of her hand and rubbed the precum around my head. It drove me nuts. She took her hand and put it between my legs behind my balls and pressed down and slowly slid her hand over my balls up my shaft. She then grabbed my member and squeezed it hard. Then letting go t felt a very cold substance being dripped on my ass and then rubbed on my asshole. Sara pushed me up from her snacth and started kissing me and licking her cum off my face. At the same time Liz slowly slid her strap on into my asshole. It was a feeling I will never forget. It was amazing. Sara looked at me and asked if I like. I told her I did. Sara was fucking me in the ass. She started off slow and then she was pounding me. Liz crawled under me to my cock. She was sucking my hard cock and I was eating her out while I was being fucked in the ass by Sara.
It didn't take long before I exploded in lizs mouth. She continued to suck till I didn't have anymore cum coming out. She crawled out from under me and Sara pulled her strap on out of me slowly. Liz, with a mouthful of my cum, started kissing Sara. They swapped my cum back in forth between there mouths and the they both started kissing me and spitting my cum into my mouth. As it started running out of my mouth and down my chin they licked it up, finally swallowing it all.
Liz turned and got in the doggy style postion and Sara slid the strap on into her wet lil clit. I may have came but I wasn't done yet. My cock was still throbbing hard and I wanted more. So I got behind Sara and I slid my cock into her tight asshole. As she fucked lizs lil pussy she was ass fucking my cock. Once we got the rythum right she was screaming with pleasure and I felt her ass get tighter and then I could feel her cum all over my balls. She pulled out of Liz and I pulled out of her and I layed on the bed and Liz started sucking saras ass juiced off my cock. She then climb on top of me an started riding me then Sara put her strap on up lizs ass and started fucking her while she fucked me. I could feel Sara fucking the shit out of Liz and It didn't take long for Liz I squirt all over me. At that point I grabbed her waist and threw her off me and they both knew why. They both grabbed my cock and jacked me off onto both of there faces. They took turns sucking me dry and then they turned to each other and licked my cum off of each others faces.
After everything was done Liz and Sara both got up. Liz went into the bathroom and grabbed a towel and Sara went and got us all a beer and an cigarette. We both laid there for awhile catching our breaths and regaining our composer. We all exchanged numbers and email addressed and I left for my last stop of the day. We still occasionally talk and hook up. Its always good and they are always wanting to try new things. A matter of fact one of them have a profile on this site.

Servicing My Wife's Cousin and Her Sister

Sitting in my car with the old lady in the back and her daughter, my wife's cousin, Doreen, in the front beside me I thought it strange that my wife had asked me to run them both home from Doreen's sisters house into town. She was staying with Ella, the sister, until I got back and there was no pressure on me to be back early. Ella was a good looker, petite and black hair who had responded to a flirt I had with her in the car earlier as I brought her down the steep hill from my house to hers. I had stopped on a corner for no particular reason except that I had got horny and wanted to look at her tits. She turned towards me and reacted with a flashing smile and come on body language which was such an instant stimulant that I reached across and touched her neck and shoulder and pulled her close enough to smell her scent and growl lust in her ear before having to disengage sharply, but not before catching her breath escape in a hiss sound like a yes. In fact it was a yes which astounded me as I had never thought I was in with a chance with her, or her sister Doreen either. My sex life was at a extremely low ebb at this time as my wife had gone right off having sex with me although she knew how much I needed it to keep me sane as I was an athletic guy who could if necessary satisfy several women at a time and felt the need to spread my sperm around to stay on an even keel.
On stopping on a red I turned my head back to see that the old lady was fine. My hand was on the gear shift and Doreen reached across and squeezed my hand - hers felt soft and warm on mine but before I could reach out to her nearest thigh the lights changed and we followed the traffic through town for ten minutes until we rolled up at their front door and by then I could feel my best friend stir enough to make his presence felt, by me if no one else.
Not one to let a good opportunity slip I cracked a joke with mum and told her she was looking very good (untrue) and that her daughter was not bad looking either, which she was. Noting that it had the desired effect on both I got out to retrieve the wheel chair from the trunk and pushed mum through the doorway down the hall to the living room and turned in time to watch Doreen come down the hallway having secured the street door. A few words ensured that her Mum was content to be back in her own domain and would not fuss about being left on her own for a while. In fact it looked like the old woman knew just what was going on and approved as the door was pulled shut behind us. In her early thirties, Doreen was slim and sexually attractive despite having had a baby a few years earlier and losing a breast to cancer. She knew how to dress and wear the prosthesis properly and had kept her attractive figure. Her soft top had all the right contours and her skin tight slacks showed off her shapely ass to devastating effect as I put my arm around her waist and pulled her towards me. She giggled as I turned her to face me and opened her legs a little to give my hardening associate access to her soft thighs, two layers of clothes notwithstanding . Both of us were breathing harder and made low murmurings and gasps of pleasure as I reached behind her to stroke her smooth arse cheeks through her slacks and squeeze them enough to extend my cock to its full length and strain to bursting point within my trousers. I couldn't imagine my wife's cousin pulling my steaming engine from its shed so I awkwardly unzipped and popped the fly clip to let her in and catch it in her cool hand and give if a few strokes while I undid the waist fasteners of her slacks and slowly pulled her slacks down so that I could grasp her smooth globular ass cheeks and squeezing them rhythmically and frantically together before slipping two fingers down the crack between them to feel the wetness from her crotch and the firm little circle of muscle just above, gristly almost like a tiny circular piece of squid but warmer and willing to take a tentative finger tip wetted from below going slowly in to the first knuckle them waggling around in tiny circles then pumping in and out of her tight and lovely arse. Fuck, you feel so good I grunted as she lifted herself up slightly to guide my purple knob in to her wet cunt gash which felt like it had been shaved. Her reply was something like Arrgghhh so I pushed my finger further up and in to where it could feel my throbbing knob through the thin membrane of her ass tube as it pumped slowly in and out of her. Her back was against the wall at this time but she brought her legs up around my waist in a scissors motion and held her arms around my neck to take her weight until I slid my hands beneath her and lifted her up to the top of my slippery pole then let her slide obligingly down it. Oh fuckin ell, her tightly ribbed cunny massaged me all the way down and up again as I plunged it up her to the hilt and gripped her ass tightly and pulled her cheeks apart and she nipped my right cheek and let out a low moan followed by a series of short grunts and yelps and cries of fuck me Alan, oh fuck me again and her strong cunt muscles spasmed round my cock root as hot love juice spurted out to soak my ball bag and thighs. My knees trembled as I stood against her pressed against the wall and kept my hard root in her until we had cooled down enough to ease apart. The best thing was that I knew there was another one like her and I knew that they would probably conspire to have me for supper in Doreen's bedroom. Now I carried her into the next room which had a mattress conveniently laid on the floor on which I kneeled and looked up to face her partly shaved private parts glistening with her juices and mine ready for the next course which would involve lots of sucking, licking and probing with stiffened tongue until she climaxed again she lifted one leg right up to give me more room and a better angle to service her which I gladly did. Neither of us thought to worry about her tits and I never discovered that night which one was real as it didn't matter as she more than made up for it in other ways. I had only time for one more quick shag on the mattress before reporting for duty at Ella's place but more about her later.

Wife pregant by a black man!!

Well it finaly happened and was sorta of a turn on. My wife has been dateing ablk man for many mos. now. I found out that she is now pregnant and the thought of my wife haveing a blk mans baby is a real turn on in one way but a little weird in another way. She has been gettingfuked by him almost 4 to 5 times a week and wife stop takeing her birth control pills 3 mos ago and she had never told me about that. Told me that the guy had wanted to get her pregnant and she enjoy being pregnant and decided to do it. Let me know what all u guys as well as gals think about it . Im turned on in one way but confused in another !!!!!!!!!

what a way to wake up

The other night a friend of mine called and need a place to crash since I stayed across the local bar and he was to drunk to drive and my wife was outta town. So I told him to just stay at my apt. When he got there he was realy drunk so I threw him a blanket and told him he could have the sofs in my room.I went ahead and layed in my bed to try get sum sleep.about 6am I felt sumthing against my leg only to realize my buddy sum how ended up in my bed. I guess he thought he was at home becouse when i went to push him over to get his stiff cock off my legg I was suprised to realize he had gotten naked. Now I never just tryed to look at a man cock but for some reason it was kinda turnin me on.instead of movin him I just lifed the covers to look at his hard 9 or 10 inch cock.I could fell my cock start to rise. To avoid him wakin up and seeing me admire his cock I acted like I was sleep but let my hand fall next 2 it barly touchin him. A lil while later I felt his hand on my boxers. I didn't want him to stop so I played sleep. When all a sudden I felt his soft hand right atop my hard dick. I could feel him start to grab my cock . I then turned on my side to feel his hard cock an my ass.he then moved a lil closer. I never been this close to another man but I was getting realy turned on. And then I heard a lil moan outta him so I knew he was wakin up I didn't want him to stop so I pressed back against his cock to let him know I was ok with his plan.he slid his hand in my boxers and started rubin my cock .it felt so good I started grindin his cock. He wisperd "turn on ur back". He pulled my boxers down and got a firm grip on my cock lowerin his head to take the tip in his soft lips.In a mater of miniuts I was get the best head ever. I stared jackin him off then I felt him rubbin my ass.I just knew he wanted to fuck me so I got him onhis back and gave him sloppy wet head to get his shaft all lubed up for my tight ass. I then rolled on my back and spread my legs open and grabed my ass checks apart while he put a rubber on and lubed my ass with ky. He went slow till he got it all in and I was grabin his ass and grippin him it felt so good. We took turns till bout 9am fuck suckin and nuttin each others mouth and ass. Then outta no where when I was givin him head I guess we were so into it I dint here my wife walk into catch me suckin a huge cock. She was suprised but also very turned on.............to be cont.......... very true story

Just got caught jacking off!

Just got caught jacking off 5 minutes before writing this.
It is a weekday morning and the house is empty. I decided to enjoy a little porn in the nude. My office is at the front of the house and it has two windows that overlook my front porch. Since my house sits far off the street I decided to open the blinds and let in some sun. I stripped off my clothes and proceeded to enjoy some porn at my computer desk. I was about 15 minutes into my enjoyment and my cock was getting hard looking at handjob movies. Of course good porn and a hard dick equal jack off time! I started stroking my dick and was having a good time. I had been jerking off for about 30 minutes when I let my cum fly. My cum had shot all over my chest and stomach and dripped down onto my balls. After milking my dick for all its cum and rubbing out the last sensational feeling I stood up and reached for my wash cloth. SURPRISE!
Standing at one of my office/porch windows and staring me in the eyes (and cock) was a Fed Ex lady! As shock exploded in my heart, she reached to the door and rang the doorbell. I quickly wiped away my cum and looked for something to cover with as she watched me through the window. The only thing to cover with was a small wash cloth. To hell with it I thought and I took the ten steps toward the front door in the nude. My heart was pounding as I opened the front door and said hello. The Fed Ex lady was holding a package and giggling as she stared back and forth between my eyes and my dick and stated "You just made my day"! Nervous and not able to think of anything better to say I simply said thank you. As she handed me the package with one hand she made the jerk off motion with the other hand and stated "That was a great cumshot...thanks for the show"! As I took the package she turned and started to walk away only to turn her head and flash me a devilish grin while stating "I can't wait to tell my girlfriends I caught you jacking off...their gonna love it"! And with that she was gone and I, still shaking with excitement and nervousness headed back to my computer to write this story.


dreams can cum true

It was an August Saturday night when Ryan dropped in on deb
and me. He had known me for about a year or so through

Ryan had already been out bar hopping, then bought a bottle
of Cuervo and mix for some Margarita's before stopping
by. Upon his arrival, I was kicked back in his recliner
and deb was curled up on the couch.

"Anyone feel Like a Margarita?" Ryan asked.

I grabbed the bottles from Ryan and held out the brown
bag towards deb, "Babe, you want to fix us a pitcher?"

deb got off the couch and took the bottles from me.
She was wearing only a short robe, panties, and her hair
was still damp from the shower. "I'll help ya, "
I said as he got out of his chair.

I grabbed the blender off of the top shelf of the cupboard
as deb took the ice from the freezer. As she began to
add the ingredients, I held her close from behind and
began to kiss her ticklish neck. "You smell great.
I want you right here, now."

"No, " deb whispered. "Ryan is

As deb turned on the blender, I loosened her robe
and began to fondle her breasts. Her nipples immediately
got hard and found herself pressing her ass hard against
my growing cock.

deb found herself getting wet as I rolled her left
nipple hard between his thumb and forefinger. She braced
against the counter, pushing backward against me. "No, "
she said over the blender noise standing upright, then
retightened her robe. She shut off the blender and turned
around to kiss me deeply. As she did, deb reached
down and pressed hard along the outline of his hard cock.

"Later." she whispered. "I want to taste
your cum."

me and deb tried to regain are composer, salted
the margarita glasses and poured the cool relief from the

As they returned to the living room, Ryan was kicked back
in the chair watching TV. "This should hit the spot, "
as I sat next to Ryan in his recliner. deb
sat back down on the couch adjacent to Ryan.

The conversation almost immediately was about mine and
Ryan's work place and how screwed up it was. I was
distracted constantly looking at deb sitting across
from him. When Ryan wasn't looking, deb would
casually show more leg or open her robe slightly and give
me that secret smile we would share between the two
of us.

Eighty-six degrees outside and only a slight breeze, and
without air conditioning, the margaritas were disappearing

deb got up from the couch, collected the glasses and
looked toward me with a smile, "Wanna help?"

so I followed her to the kitchen and added the ingredients
as deb dropped in the ice. One of the ice cubes missed
its mark and bounced onto the counter. I quickly grabbed
the ice and opened deb's robe. I stood behind
her and turned on the blender as I touched the ice to her
warm skin. deb's "NO" was muffled
by the sound of the loud blender.

The ice felt great against her hot body as I slowly ran
the ice from her neck to her 36c breasts. deb reached
back and massaged my hard cock through my pants
as I continued to explore her warm body with the ice cube.

The cheap blender continued to grind and chop at the ice
as my hand and the quickly melting ice reached
the top edge of deb's panties. She tried to resist,
me but I continued past the soft fabric barrier down to
her awaiting petals.

deb grabbed my forearm firmly as the cold
ice disappeared between her soft lips. Her legs got weak
as she felt my finger and what was left of the ice
melt deep inside of her.

With my left hand, I shut off the blender and wiggled
my right middle finger in deb's slippery wetness.
She stood there motionless, frozen until I slowly removed
it. then tasting her wetness from my finger, then shared
the sweetness with her in a deep kiss.

deb finished pouring the margarita's and started
back to the living room with Ryan's drink and hers.
I stopped her, kissed her softly, then whispered.
"You don't need these."

With a drink in each hand, deb was helpless as I
raised her robe and quickly pulled down her panties until
they fell to the floor around her ankles.

"jed!" deb whispered.

and I knelt down to assist her out of the fallen panties,
then grabbed her hard on the ass burying his face into her

"Oh my gawd!" deb blurted out.

"You guys okay in there?" Ryan asked from the
other room.

"Just mopping up a little wet spot, " I laughed.

deb set down the glasses, retightened her robe and
stepped out of her delicate panties. I picked up the
lacy damp panties and stowed them in the drawer next to the
silver wear.

Coming to the realization that they were definitely not
alone, deb delivered Ryan's margarita and sat
back down carefully on the couch and quickly covered up
her lap with a near by blanket. I sat down next to deb
sharing a small part of the blanket to cover my hard on.

After a few minutes of idle chit chat and watching TV, Ryan
excused himself to use the bathroom. As the door closed,
I grabbed deb's legs and swung them over my
lap. and repositioned her knees slightly apart, then guided
her hand to her clean shaven pussy. "I want you to masturbate
for me."

deb quickly covered up her body. "I can't
while Ryan is here, " she whispered.

"I think that you should masturbate for Ryan, "
I said as the door opened from the bathroom.

Shocked from what jed had just said, deb watched
Ryan sit down and take another drink. She had fantasized
about something like this with Ryan, but she could never
tell jed.

The margarita's were starting to take hold and deb
was losing her inhibitions. The thought of turning Ryan
on while jed watched was making her wet.

deb sat up slightly against the arm of the couch and
took another sip of her margarita. As she did, she loosened
her robe slightly just enough to expose her right breast
to Ryan. She spread her legs a little more under the blanket
and guided jed's hand to her smooth pussy.

I felt deb touching herself and spreading her
labia wide for me. She guided my finger slowly into her
awaiting wetness. "Ohhh.'

She knew now that she had Ryan's attention and no longer

so I slowly removed my finger's, " Let Ryan see you Masturbate
for him, " I said softly pulling back the blanket.

deb lay there, almost naked with her right hand over
her swollen lips.

Grabbing deb's legs and swinging them to the
floor towards Ryan, I pulled her hand away exposing
her shaven pussy to Ryan. "Masturbate for him."

Ryan watched intensely as deb ran her fingers over
her lips, pulling her labia wide apart for him. "That's
it, " I said. "Finger fuck that tight little

deb inserted two fingers, pulled them out then rubbed
her clit repeatedly. She watched Ryan and the bulge in his
pants. The thought of Ryan and jed watching her masturbate
was making her start to lose control. She rubbed her clit
hard, and fast. "Oh yes, yes, fuck yeeeees!"

She convulsed holding her hand over her pussy from the full

"I bet that you want to suck Ryan's hard cock,
huh?" I asked.

deb stood up and removed her robe. "Oh yes. I
want to taste his cum."

She quickly knelt in front of Ryan and helped him out of pants.
As soon as his cock sprang from his restrictive underwear,
deb had it in her mouth taking him deep. "Mmmmm."

Watching deb on all fours in front of him, her pussy
glistening from her wetness, my cock ached for
her. Taking off my pants, I knelt behind deb and
plunged my cock totally inside of her. to thrust
hard She tried to concentrate on Ryan's cock but it
continued to escape her mouth from the intense pounding.

"Ohhhh, fuck, jed! I'm gonna cum, ahhhhh."

I pulled out as a flood of clear liquid shot from deb.

"Oh my God, " I said as he again forced his
cock back into deb. With only a few more pumps, I
pulled out and shot my load all over deb's back.

"Turn around, " I said regaining my composer.
"Lay on your back."

deb turned around and rolled over spreading her legs
to Ryan. Without hesitation, Ryan knelt down and accepted
the invitation. He pulled her hips upward and watched himself
slide in and out of her silky lips.

I watched and played with her tits as Ryan fucked deb
in front of me. I knelt next to deb's head and
teased her lips with my semi-hard cock. She took mine in
her mouth and sucked hard as Ryan continued to fuck her soaked

Ryan gasped, pulled out and squirted his hot cum all over
deb's belly.

deb sat up and grabbed my cock pulling me
toward her mouth. With her other hand, she grabbed Ryan's
slippery shaft and pulled him toward her mouth also. She
took turns licking and sucking on are cocks until they
grew hard with the excitement of taking deb again.
The power that she felt was incredible. To hold these two
cocks in her hands, she felt total in control.

deb lost track of just how many times she had cum that
night. Her dream of two men taking her completely, being
covered with cum until she was totally drained had come