lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

wife going toppless at the beach

Let Me start this story by telling you it as always been a fantasy of mine to see my wife with another person. I guess it all started when she told me about a foursome she had before we met.
Anyway on a cruise a few years ago the ship had an area for toppless sun bathing I suggested she give it a try she agreed but changed her mind at the last minute. On a few trips after that I tried again to no avail. On recent vacation to mexico there were women again toppless on the beach but again nothing. A few months after we returned home my wife said she would really like to go back again I told her ok but only if she agreed to go toppless which she agreed to.
On are return we went down to the beach and as always there where women toppless and again she changed her mind. Nedless to say at this point I was greatly dissapointed but never said a word to her about it. On our last day there we went down to the beach for a few hours before spending the rest of the day at the pool I guess we where there about 10 min's when I saw my wife pull down her bathing suit top I just layed there not wanting to make a big deal out of it,in the mean time I was getting horny as hell watching other men passing and looking at her, after a while I asked her if she would like me to untie her top and she said yes up to this point she had just pulled it down below her beautiful tits, so I untied her top and she removed it completly and layed back enjoying the sun on her bare breasts and i just layed there enjoying the view and watching other men pass and looking at her the more they looked the hotter I got.
It has been a few months since this it it still gets me hard OHHHH and by the way she totaly loved it and is now sorry it took her so long to go toppless, and of course we have all ready made plans to go back we both cannot wait.
For me I just can't get enough it is a great fantasy come true I just love it when other men and women look at her tits I wonder what they would like to do to her its a great way to spend a week at the beach.Maybe some day the rest can come true and I could share her with another couple.

since then she has gone toppless many times always enjoying the experenice in fact we have also been to a nude beach a few times, where she was only going to go toppless, and much to my surprise went totaly nude, I loved it and so did other beach goers.

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