miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

watching wife flirting with men in club!

me n the wife was going out 2 our local nightclub on sat night, got pissed in the pub prior , when we entered the club it was rocking, packed with lots of sexy people. i went 2 the bar to get the drinks n she went straight 2 the dance floor, the bar was packed it must of took me 15 mins 2 get our drinks. i went looking 4 kaz ,so many people n being pissed made it quite hard, then on the stage i saw her doing her thing, she looked so sexy. she was getting lots of attention from the fella's , she loves being centre of attention. i caught her eye n gestured her 2 get her drink, she came over n smiled at me saying did u see me dancing,i replied yes very sexy 2. she then downed her drink ,gave me a cheeky wink n said u gonna dance with me ,no i said ,no way am i getting on that stage. suit urself she said, u dont know wat ur gonna be missing! she got back on the stage n started doing her thing,very sexily might i add,her mini skirt started riding up her thighs as she danced slightly showing off her black lacey panties. the men dancing near her could not take their eyes off her and she loved it. as i watched on drinking my beer i noticed i was getting quite horny seeing kaz getting flirty with a couple of men ,she was rubbing her ass over their crotches. they both could not keep their hands off her,which turned me on even more, they was dancing with her ,1 at the front n 1 behind her,she looked over at me n i raised my glass 2 say 2 her enjoy urself. with that she started kissing the man in front of her,while the man behind her was grabbing her 36E tits, u could see her nipples getting erect ,through her tight top. she then turned 2 the man behind her and started kissing him,tongues were everywhere, they both started kissing kaz's neck,and she loves that. i knew that would b getting her really wet n horny,aching 4 a good fucking.she came back over 2 get a drink wit a cheeky grin,and said u like the show? i replied nearly as much as u darling! i asked her u want 2 fuck those 2 men dont ya? she replied y do u ask? jealous? no i said,sharply. she said they both asked me if i wanted 2 go back 2 theirs,but i said wat sort of girl do u think i am? also they both gave me their mobile numbers and asked if i would be here next week,and if so 2 phone em. well we better make this a reguler event! she smiled then said in my ear , u can fuck me in my ass 2nite as uv been a good boy, rubbing my cock as she seductively told me. we went home n had sum absolutely filthy sex fanasizing about the 2 men from the club, she said 2 me would u let me get naughty with those 2 from the club? mmm , maybe, why wat u got in mind? i replied, she said i felt their cocks when we was dancing n they r both huge down there,with a big grin on her face.ROLL ON NEXT SAT!

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