miércoles, 24 de junio de 2009

in the woods

i seen beth out at the lake while hiking with my friend bo.
i could tell that she was alone so i asked if she wanted to walk with us.
we walked along an got farther down the trail, i kept staring at her smoking hot body as she talked about her day.
Bo noticed too an we both had the same idea.
By the time we reached the top of the mountain, it was getting cloudy, a soft warm summer rain was setting in.
we tried to hurry back don the path but the rain had caught us to fast.
she laughed as her tight white tee shirt got soaked an exsposed her hardening nipple to us.
smiling she asked if it would be better if she just took it off.
Bo an i agreed that it would be a really good idea. lol
she peeled it off of her wet body an my jaw dropped. God she looked so good.
Do you want to taste them? she asked.
i leaned down an licked the water dripping of her breasts as sheundone her tight denim shorts
She had asked Bo if he wanted to join but being a married man he had to decline.
Well we will let you enjoy the show then , ok?
she slid out of her tiny shorts an was only wearing her running shoes.
she lowered herself on her knees an undone my shorts. releasing my thick throbbing organ.
she smiled as she wrapped her soft hand around it an began stroking it in circle motions as she swallowed my head .
my eyes rolled in the back of my head as she swallowed deeper on my shaft. the rain still coming down.
i thought my entire body was going to give out when she finally slid me out of her throat!
i told her i wanted to return the favor, so i then got on my knees as i pressed her against a large rock next to the path pressing my hot tongue in her soaking wet mound. she cooed an moaned as i licked her clit an fingered her hard. she made sure she kept eye contact with bo, who had began to stroke his hard on thru his jeans.
she let out gasps an little screams as she climaxed for me twice.
i raised up an kissed her passionatly , letting her taste her own juices on my tongue.
she guided my member inside her hot wet lips as i pushed harder in her.
lifting up her sexy thighs an burying my hard on balls deep inside her aching pussy
i thrusted several times as she came harder an harder on my stiff dick.
i then set her down an mounted her nice round ass from behind an she met me pound for pound, thrust for thrust. her moaning an mine got louder.
i was pulling her wet hair an biting her neck while rubbing her clit with my other hand. she was bracing herself with one hand an playing with one of her soft breast with the other as she bit her lip moaning "harder" mmm yes baby harder"
i really cut loose then an she used both hands this time to brace herself.
i felt it start in my legs, i knew i was about to explode.
she felt my balls tighten an my cock go alot stiffer. "ooh yeah give me that load baby"
i groaned as i felt it fill her up inside. still thrusting an pumping her hot wet pussy, Bo, seeing the intense frustration, shot his cum all over his hands aas he watched me work my hips slowing down in her
by then the rain had stopped an we went on our way to our vehicles an dryer clothes

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